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i may be afraid of forming connections with other human beings but at least i know that no person will ever disappoint me as much as the once-popular television program “glee”

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You are one dynamite gal.

Sergeant Calhoun

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Welcome to the magnificent world of Pokémon.
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In conjunction with yesterday’s Glee 6x01 title reveal and song spoilers, I give you episode details.

My inbox has been stuffed with questions, and I tried to answer all of them.

Again, if you use—don’t just cut and paste! Either reblog or link back to my Wordpress blog. I really appreciate that!

Enjoy! Or maybe not.

And if these are true, I’m officially done with Glee. I 100% refuse to watch this show.

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oodles of Remus doodles… so many Marauder feels…


oodles of Remus doodles… so many Marauder feels…

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Anonymous said:

why do you hate all time low if you're from baltimore ?

because in my memories of all time low they were really douchey and would go to shows for other local bands and hit on underage girls and they were never anything revolutionary to begin with. they have a few pretty good songs that sound no different from 10 other bands in the same genre of music. one of them lived next door to or across the street from a friend of mine and she had to deal with all kinds of hell from them being inconsiderate. alex going to flirt with like 17 year old girls at the recher when it was still a venue is like my strongest memory regarding all time low and they’re just not my fav. i can think of a lot of baltimore bands who were a lot more deserving of the success atl had, i think.

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Melissa Harris-Perry: Nothing is riskier than being poor in America [full video]

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